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Pants-less toddler wanders through Houston Rockets postgame show (video)


Nothing to see here, just some toddler aimlessly wandering through the shot as the CSN Houston crew does some postgame analysis following Game 6 of the Houston Rockets-Oklahoma City Thunder playoff series on Wednesday.

Who knows? Given that the Houston Rockets did just pull off a huge win to force a Game 6, perhaps this adorable little tyke is some kind of pants-less good luck charm. Something that is far easier to do as a child. Being a pants-less good luck charm, that is. Most folks look down upon an adult wandering around in public with no pants. Weird how that works.

Video follows.

Via Deadspin:

Fantastic. Now that, my friends, is how you pull off an epic videobomb. Once again, it cannot be stressed enough that if an adult were to do the same thing as this little toddler, they may be arrested. The more you know…