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Here’s a golf-themed parody of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ because why not? (video)


Sure, the Golf Boys may boast a veritable who’s who of PGA Tour professionals: Bubba Watson, Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan, but have those fellas ever attempted to write a parody song? Ask “Weird Al” Yankovic, that crap ain’t easy.

So, the Golf Boys can keep going on with their “Oh Oh Oh” and whatnot, but they now have some stiff competition in the golf-themed boy band circuit.

Enter Teaching pro Marty McCurry with his assembled band of merry men and their parody song performance of the Vanilla Ice classic, “Ice Ice Baby” cleverly entitled, “Slice Slice Baby.” Boy, if there ever was a song meant just for me and my driver, this one is it.

Prepare to be funkified, golf-style:

In light of how he made millions of dollars from stealing riffs from Queen and David Bowie, I wonder how Vanilla Ice feels about his work getting ripped off. Actually, I don’t wonder that at all.

Well done on the “Slice Slice Baby” jam, guys. But if they don’t keep up with this white rapper-themed forays into golf gangsta rap with a parody song of Snow’s “Informer” about the guy who ratted out Tiger Woods at the Masters, I’ll be sorely disappointed. A licky boom-boom down, indeed.

[H/T Press Tent, via Devil Ball Golf]