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Fan makes great catch in stands at Astros game OH MY GOD HE’S HOLDING A BABY! (video)


A fan sitting along the first base line towards right field at Minute Maid Park during Thursday’s game between the Houston Astros and Detroit Tigers made an impressive grab of a blooped foul ball that bounced into the stands. And he secured the ball with the adept use of his hat. While holding a baby.

The impressive but risky snatch of a souvenir occurred in the bottom of the 13th inning of Houston’s 7-3 loss to the Tigers and while the threat to the little toddler was minimal at best given the high, bouncing trajectory of the ball and how the man held the youngster securely and tightly to his chest, it was nevertheless a dexterous move by the man.


Impressive. And yet, one is left to wonder about the relative wisdom of trying to procure a souvenir baseball at the risk of an infant. Granted, the man obviously loves the baby, who it can be assumed is his child, and I would never suggest that this guy would do anything to protect his child. Nevertheless, anytime a person is holding a baby, it’s probably not the best idea to jerkily lurch upward and backward at any time, let alone in an effort to catch a ball.

It makes you wonder: What would you do if presented with the same situation? I know what I would do. Cover my baby up and get the heck out of the way of any rock-hard trajectory headed in our direction. But that’s just me. Then again, I’d probably do the same thing without a toddler in tow. See, I’m a wuss and not prone to risk-taking of any level. I don’t value souvenir baseballs much, either.