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Bacon? Ginormous Brewers-flagged Bloody Mary is a cocktail on steroids (photo)


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While a bit of a stretch for a sports-themed news item, the fact that this over-the-top, gastronomical testament to what can only be described as the most deliciously, artery-clogging, epic Bloody Mary ever created. The fact that it does have a Milwaukee Brewers flag planted on top of the hot mess of food items does lend some credibility to the notion that this story is baseball-related. So there.

Served at O’Davey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Fond du Lac, Wisc., this Bloody Mary on steroids boasts the following ingredients on top of the traditional vodka, tomato juice and spices, as described by the Consumerist: “Popcorn, various pickles, sausages, tortilla chips (with cheese, natch) bacon, peanuts, beans, string cheese (that tubular looking thing) sausage, pretzel, sliders (with cheese, natch, again), a pickle and a cracker and a cheese curd because, cheese.”

You would need a Bloody Mary chaser just to wash down this Frankenstein’s monster of a Bloody Mary. And the price? Only five bucks. Give me three of them. Okay, just one. Actually, would anyone be willing to split this monstrosity with me?

Awesome. Just awesome. Go Brewers.

[via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, H/T Cut4]