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A drunk and passed-out Craig Sager looks really drunk, really passed-out (pic)


While we cannot say for certain that TNT’s preeminent and esteemed NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager is in fact three sheets to the wind in these photos discovered by the fine folks over at Busted Coverage. But it sure as hell looks like he has knocked back a couple of alcoholic beverages. If that’s not the case, Mr. Craig Sager has one heckuva head cold or something.

The photos were allegedly taken at a hotel and apparently are from when Sager recently spent some time in Milwaukee, presumably while covering the Milwaukee Bucks-Miami Heat series that ended with a whimper on Sunday with a Heat sweep. The same kind of whimper that likely occurred when Sager was roused was assumed alcohol-induced comatose state, as illustrated in the below photo.


Sweet sassy molassey. That’s certainly something.

Still, I have to give Craig Sager credit. The usually nattily attired sideline reporter remains a sharp dresser even when he’s not on the job. And stone cold drunk. Possibly.

I mean, check out that sweater. Even Bill Cosby would be envious of that bad boy.

Here’s one last photo to tie Craig Sager’s entire magical evening together:


[images via @2SMIDGET2QUIT]