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Mark Sanchez rocked a nifty headband when he met with the media (photos)


Freshly liberated from the soul-crushing environment that was the three-ring circus sideshow that the Tim Tebow Experiment became for the New York Jets last season, quarterback Mark Sanchez finally can relax, but apparently not to the extent where he feels able to let his hair down entirely.

Which might explain why Sanchez rocked a nifty little green headband during his interaction with the media on Thursday. Yeah.

Another image to properly document the stylish look sported by Sanchez:


Well, it’s certainly something. Although if Sanchez is trying to emulate Tom Brady and how a much more successful NFL quarterback rocks a headband, he has miles to go to reach that level:


Now that’s how you do it, Mark. Headbands: The must-have accessory for any NFL quarterback trying to look his best. Apparently.

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