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Ichiro Suzuki renting lavish Harlem apartment for $23,500 per month (photos)


Ichiro Suzuki apparently understands the cutthroat nature of New York real estate. In February, reports surfaced that New York Yankees co-stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were both interested in purchasing a luxurious apartment that occupies the entire 17th floor of the 111 Central Park North building in Harlem.

Well, whether it was because both A-Rod and Jeter were unwilling to make a decision or not, their teammate, Ichiro Suzuki, has swooped in and scooped the place right from under his teammates’ noses and is now living in the spacious and lavish pad. Only Ichiro didn’t buy it for the reported $9 million asking price. He’s renting the place. The cost? Only $23,500 per month. Chump change for a major league ballplayer, I guess.

Featuring six bedrooms and 6 and a half bathrooms spread out of 5,400 square feet, not to mention 100 feet of outdoor terraces boasting breathtaking views of Central Park, the residence truly is a sight to behold (via Business Insider):

ichiro-suzuki-apartment-1 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-2 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-3 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-4 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-5 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-6 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-7 ichiro-suzuki-apartment-8