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College player uses batting helmet to scoop up infield-invading squirrel (video)


During a recent game between the Wichita State Shockers and the Kansas Jayhawks, a rascally little squirrel became the center of attention after it made its way onto the field and scurried around the infield.

After an amusing scene featuring Jayhawks shortstop Kevin Kuntz giving his best efforts in attempting to corral the little critter, Wichita State catcher Tyler Baker, who was on second base at the time, used his batting helmet to scoop up the squirrel.

Said Baker about his exemplary display of pest control acumen, via KU Sports: “I was scared it would do something, but it was weird, he just walked up to me,” he said. “I was just saying, ‘Come here. Come here, little guy.’ … I thought it might jump up out of the helmet, but it just looked up at me the whole time.”

Baker also stated that another squirrel invaded the field of play later in the game. A “darker one” that was escorted off the field by Shockers left fielder Micah Green.

A pleasant and amusing diversion, to be sure, as is often the case whenever a squirrel interferes with a sporting event, like when squirrels became the scourge of the NLDS series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies in 2011. Or this tennis-loving critter from the 2012 U.S. Open. Crazy rodents, man. Crazy.

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