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Shirtless Thunder fan sings other shirtless Thunder fan’s fight song (video)


Earlier this week, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan who goes by the name Matthias achieved a semblance of online notoriety courtesy of his creepy, bare-chested performance of something he referred to as the “Thunder Chant Fight Song.”

Not to be outdone and motivated by the efforts of Matthias, Wes, “of Oklahoma,” has uploaded his own rendition of the aforementioned “Thunder Chant Fight Song.” And, of course, in a sign of respect to Matthias, Wes opted to go the shirtless route as well.

Via The Basketball Jones:

Yowsers. I’m sure this Wes fellow is a decent young man who only wanted to show his support for his favorite NBA squad, but that’s some pretty creepy stuff right there. I’m just hoping this doesn’t develop into some kind of cult-like situation with Matthias pulling the strings and controlling a shirtless army of Thunder fans all over the country and having them do his bare-chested bidding. Which presumably pretty much would only involve shirtless guys uploading videos of them singing the “Thunder Chant Fight Song.” Something about Matthias tells me he’s not hellbent on world domination or other comparable lofty goals.

Rock on, shirtless Oklahoma City Thunder fans. Rock on.