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Only Andy Reid can rock a Hawaiian shirt like this one at the NFL Draft (photos)


And believe me, making the statement that “Only Andy Reid can rock a Hawaiian shirt like this one for NFL Draft” does not necessarily make it a compliment. It does, however, indicate that the new Kansas City Chiefs head coach is comfortable in his own skin, has a quirky fashion sense and enjoys the comfortable airiness free-flowing Hawaiian shirts provide. Not only that, it’s worth noting that Reid has been rocking Hawaiian shirts for a long time now. In fact, it appears to be his stylistic shirt of choice, as evidenced by the abundance of photos of him wearing them down through the years.

Video of Reid’s press conference discussing the Chiefs drafting of Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft on Thursday eveningĀ can be viewed here, but here’s a screengrab from the presser:


Looking snazzy.

And here’s some looks of Andy Reid rocking the island vibe during his long stint with the Philadelphia Eagles:

andy-reid-eagles-hawaiian-shirt-1 andy-reid-hawaiian-shirt-eagles-2andy-reid-hawaiian-shirt-kenny-chesney

I don’t care what anyone says, that last photo of him on stage with Kenny Chesney is as hilarious as it is awkward.

Obviously, Andy Reid doesn’t give much thought to what people think of his appearance and it’s likely that shots at his not-so-svelte figure — like this recent one from The Onion — will continue to follow him wherever he goes. But it doesn’t matter. Andy Reid will continue to rock the Hawaiian shirts and doing his own thing.

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