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Never seen a guy watching a baseball game from a crane? Here you go (GIF)


Sometimes, where a person works can give them a splendid view of their surroundings. Work on one of the upper floors in a downtown highrise? Check out the skyline. Operate a ginormous crane next to a ballpark? Watch a baseball game from a unique vantage point.

That’s the route a crane operator took who was seated in his gigantic piece of machinery that just so happened to be conveniently placed within viewing distance of Target Field in downtown Minneapolis during a recent Minnesota Twins game.

Eye on Baseball has deduced that this actually occurred a few weeks ago during a game when the Minnesota Twins hosted the Detroit Tigers on April 4. Former Twin Torii Hunter was at the plate and crane operator guy was afforded a bird’s eye view of the on-field action:

Crazy. Being a person with a paralyzing fear of heights, I can’t even imagine getting up into that crane, let alone having the wherewithal to go, “Hey, might as well take a break and watch this Twins game,” in between fits of terror accompanied by bouts of vomiting, sobbing and screaming. And then more sobbing. But that’s just me.

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