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Marino a bad pick? Footage from 1983 NFL Draft is all kinds of awesome (video)


With everyone still attempting to process exactly what transpired on Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall during the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, let’s hop in the wayback machine and travel all the way back to 1983 to take a look at ESPN’s coverage of that year’s edition of the draft.

It’s all there, folks. The dated production values. The early ’80s fashion. Pete Rozelle. ESPN long-timers Bob Ley (looking pretty much the same) and a youthful and somewhat svelte Chris Berman (compared to now). And Sports Illustrated‘s Paul Zimmerman (a/k/a Dr. Z) and Howard Balzer (who I cannot remember — sorry, Howis) shredding the Miami Dolphins for selecting a quarterback out of Pittsburgh with the 27th pick of the draft who went on to have a middling yet unspectacular career in the National Football League. You may have heard of him.

Dan Marino.

No disrespect to anyone who does it, because some would argue it’s a fool’s task, but it’s interesting to note that as long as there have been draft analysts, there have been epic gaffes in projecting any player’s potential success at the next level. So why are there hundreds of them now?

Anyhoo, take a nostalgic trip down memory lane all the way back to 1983. Bobby and Berman will serve as your escorts (Rozelle announcing Miami’s selection occurs at about the 2:30 mark):

Fantastic stuff. The background music played when Dan Marino highlights are being shown is spectacular. Definitely brings you back.

All in all, it should make everyone feel much better about ESPN’s current coverage of the draft. And that’s keeping in mind Mel Kiper’s off-putting and disturbing presence. Mostly it’s that hair of his, but other stuff plays into the overall creepiness factor as well.

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