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Coco Crisp brings back his afro and it remains as majestic as ever (photo)


On Thursday night at Coliseum, Oakland A’s outfielder Coco Crisp took the field sporting a hairstyle he first broke out during the 2011 season that is as unique and outstanding as his name. Yep, Coco Crisp brought back his afro.

It is the first time this season that Crips has rocked the ‘fro, so the question is: Did it have any impact on how he played? Did the rocking ‘do make him play better?

According to the box score from Oakland’s 10-2 loss to the Baltimore Orioles, Crisp went 1-5 at the plate, leaving five men on base, four of those players being in scoring position. Huh. Not too good. Maybe he has to give the afro some time to reassert itself. You can’t rush afros, kids. Whatever that means.

But did the return of the ‘fro compel Crisp to do the Bernie Lean? That’s what I want to know.