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At long last, Donovan McNabb wins a title, and Ryan Lochte was there (photos)


In one of those perplexing stories that leave you going, “Whaaa?”, photos have surfaced depicting longtime NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb finally hoisting a trophy above his head. Of course, this trophy had nothing to do with professional football, as the NFL ship — and all other pro leagues — has sailed for McNabb.

McNabb, who led the Philadelphia Eagles to five NFC Championship games yet only one Super Bowl berth, that being Super Bowl XXXIX where the Eagles lost to the New England Patriots, can now tell anyone who cares to listen that he is in fact a champion.

Of a kickball league. That’s right, Donovan McNabb finally won the big one, albeit in an organization called ZogSports, which bills itself as “a co-ed social sports league for young professionals in cities across the US” that claims to be “a perfect balance of good fun, good sportsmanship and an opportunity to give something back and spread the love.” Whatever that means.

Recently, McNabb found himself competing against the best ZogSports has to offer at the American Honey Kickball Classic in New York’s Times Square. And wouldn’t you know it? He won.

And for some curious reason, Ryan Lochte was there to help McNabb celebrate.


Here’s everybody’s favorite reality star, Ryan Lochte, slapping hands with McNabb:


The thrill of victory, eh?

A big congrats goes out to Donovan McNabb: You finally did it, man.

And yet, is it possible having Ryan Lochte and Donovan McNabb in the same place at the same time possibly could be the sign of the impending apocalypse? Can’t rule it out.

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