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White Sox fan tries to eat four pounds of nachos using only his face (video)


Meet Cole Ryan. During Wednesday’s Cleveland Indians-Chicago White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field, this brave young man attempted to eat a whopping four pounds of nachos. You know how you can order nachos served in those mini batting helmets at ballgames? Pshaw! Cole Ryan took on what appears to be a practically regulation size White Sox batting helmet filled with chips, cheese and all the other trimmings of nacho goodness.

If that wasn’t enough, he attempted to eat them out of the helmet using only his face. It was like some kind of Bizarro World version of a county fair pie-eating contest. Only with nachos.

Via Cut4:

Even without managing to eat every morsel of nachos, Ryan’s efforts remain quite impressive. If the Chicago White Sox ever need a designated nachos eater, this guy is their man, as Cole Ryan is a Devourer of Nachos in the same way Galactus is a Devourer of Worlds. Only with nachos.