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Bright light! Kevin McHale is a Mogwai among NBA head coaches (video)


To add insult to relative injury following his team’s 105-102 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale complained about what he perceived to be an excessively brightly lit press conference room.

Shielding his eyes from the blinding glare, McHale pleads with whoever is in charge to take down the lights a few thousand lumens, saying, “Any chance you could dim those lights a hair?”

Watch poor Coach McHale struggle to answer inquiries from reporters while likely seeing nothing but bright spots (and perhaps images of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook running roughshod on his team):

While the lights appear to be undoubtedly bright, they did not seem to be so bad. It’s almost as if McHale has some Mogwai blood in him. You know, from “Gremlins”? Gosh, I hope most people got that reference without being spoon-fed it.

Either way, from this point forward, I will be referring to Kevin McHale as “Gizmo.” No word on what happens if you get Kevin McHale wet. And heaven forbid someone feed that gangly looking NBA legend after midnight. My guess is after a brief gestational period, we would see something like this patrolling the sidelines:


Scary stuff. Although no more frightening than Phoebe Cates’ post-“Gremlins” career, that’s more sure.

[H/T The Basketball Jones, image via