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Sign posted outside Chivas USA locker room: ‘HOLD YOUR PISS’ (photo)


Some members of the Chivas USA MLS soccer team must have been scheduled to undergo drug testing via urinalysis on Tuesday and the powers-that-be must have wanted to ensure that the players had “enough in the tank” (so to speak) in order to provide those charged with administering the test an adequate sample.

To ensure urinary compliance, signs were posted — one in English, the other in Spanish — outside Chivas USA’s locker room in Los Angeles alerting players that it would be best not to relieve themselves before being provided a little container in which to deposit their urine.

The hold-your-pee-pee proclamation:


And for those who did not comply with the stern warning? I imagine those guys received some kind of yellow card, right? Get it?

[H/T For the Win]