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Jarvis Jones receives Subway Black Card, meaning he gets free subs for life (video)


On Tuesday, photos began circulating of former Georgia Bulldogs linebacker — and soon-to-be first round pick in the NFL Draft — Jarvis Jones posing alongside a bust of himself constructed out of Subway ingredients, along with a few other choice items. For instance, raisins were used to re-create his dreadlocks? Now that’s genius.

Not only was Jones immortalized in tasty Subway goodness — Smokehouse BBQ Chicken to be exact (his favorite), TMZ cameras caught up with Jones and during the exchange, Jones showed off his Subway Black Card, an extremely rare item which apparently grants him free Subway sandwiches for life.

Via TMZ:

Eat fresh, indeed. And a lot of it.

Not a bad gig if you can get it, and much better than the “Free Burritos for a Year” cards Bryce Harper and Russell Wilson recently were awarded by Chipotle.

But this is Subway, man. Five dollar footlongs? Forget about it. Free forever footlongs is more like it.

Jarvis Jones