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Matt Wieters avoids pieing attempts after walk-off grand slam (video/GIF)


When Matt Wieters does walk-off, game-winning hits, he apparently likes to do it with some panache. When the Baltimore Orioles catcher was presented with the bases loaded and nobody out in the bottom of the tenth inning in a 6-6 ballgame against the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday night, Wieters didn’t settle with looping a soft base hit over the head of the infield loaded with five Rays players, or, heaven forbid, delivering a game-winning sacrifice fly. Nope, that’s not in Wieter’s DNA.

Instead, he blasted a mammoth, bases-clearing grand slam to lead the Orioles to a thrilling 10-6 victory.

And as Wieters didn’t go halfway in his bid to win the game, neither did his teammates when attempting to give him an old-fashioned, traditional and celebratory pieing after the big hit. Nope, again.

He had to withstand and try to evade multiple attempts at pieing.

But did he succeed? That’s the question.

First, the monumental grand slam (via

Once the celebration moved into the dugout, a couple of Wieter’s Orioles teammates attempted to drill him with congratulatory pies:

Nice evasive moves demonstrated by Matt Wieters right there. He showed some Carlos Gomez-esque avoidance techniques with that swift trot through the dugout.