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Young Indians fan gives Dustin Pedroia a touching sign of support for Boston (pics)


On Tuesday night, the Cleveland Indians hosted the Boston Red Sox in a game at Progressive Field to kick-off a three-game set. And while the Red Sox players, staff and coaches were there in body, it would not have been surprising to learn that their hearts and minds were somewhere else.

While a big-time Indians backer, one young fan, Dylan Fantone, arrived at Progressive Field with some special signs he hoped would show that he and all of Cleveland had the team and the city from which they hail in their collective thoughts due to the tragedy during the Boston Marathon a mere few days earlier.

One of the signs, uploaded to the Twitter account of the Cleveland Indians, reads, “From our city, to your city. Our hearts and prayers go out to you Boston. Love, Cleveland.”


During batting practice before the game, Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia noticed young Dylan and the sign he had brought to the game. Pedroia greeted Dylan with a high-five (above) and an AP photo showed that Pedroia hung up the sign in the Red Sox dugout during the game.

Dylan’s mother, after her son met Pedroia and presented him with the sign, relayed that Dylan said, “I hope we made them feel better, Mom.”

Oh, in more ways than one, I imagine.

You’ll have to excuse it getting a bit misty in here, but this is one of those heartwarming stories that cannot help but make a person realize the kind impact one young person can have with the most simple, yet profound, of gestures.

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