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Twins fans can now upgrade their Target Field seats in-game via smartphone app

jea Target Field stands

As a new feature of the wildly successful “At the Ballpark” app available at, Minnesota Twins fans now will be able to upgrade their seats while attending games at Target Field, which is already outfitted with free Wi-Fi.

A limited number of seats reportedly will be made available for upgrades throughout home games this season after the gates open.

The “At the Ballpark” app can be used in conjunction with the “Twins at the Plate App.”

Via The Official Site of the Minnesota Twins:

The Minnesota Twins have launched an innovative mobile game available only at Target Field. “Twins At The Plate,” which is presented by Buffalo Wild Wings is a fun game that allows fans to predict which events will happen when the Twins are “At The Plate.”

Developed in coordination with Major League Baseball Advanced Media, “Twins At The Plate” can be accessed only while fans are at Target Field through’s At the Ballpark application. Fans are awarded points for correctly picking the events that will occur in the bottom of the inning, when the Twins are “At The Plate.” Fans can play all season long to win great prizes!

Seems like an intriguing way to keep fans involved with the action on the field while they are at the ballpark. Crap, far too many fans already have their eyes already glued on the phones half the time anyway, might as well have them engage in something related to the reason they plunked down their hard-earned money for a ticket to attend in the first place.

Be that as it may, given this is about the Twins — although it is reasonable to assume these kind of technological advances — are the seats made available for upgrades during games located in areas of the ballpark where snow won’t fall on fans? Hopefully, that is the case.

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