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Here it is, in all its glory: The season that was in NBA flopping (video)


Ever since Vlade Divac first began throwing his large, hairy, Yugoslavian body to the court in the late 1980s, flopping has more and more developed into a sad yet integral part of the NBA game. Since then, players have elevated the move and the flop has evolved from a cheap way to get a foul called on an opponent into something of an art form, graceful in its clumsiness, almost theatrical in its intentional ham-handedness.

This season, the NBA attempted to bring the hammer down on the worst violators and the most egregious offenses in the name of the Art of the Flop, imposing a new set of laws that at first warned players for initial violations but ultimately fined those who continued to run afoul of the new rules.

To date, the NBA has imposed $25,000 in total fines on five players who have received two infractions each. In total, according to an SI report, the league has assessed 24 flopping violations to 19 different players on 13 different teams.

Considering its role as a time-honored sad tradition and the efforts by the NBA to thwart any further infestation of the flop, Slate has compiled the worst of the worst, the most heinous affronts to an appealing brand of NBA basketball absent by way of the flop.

The operatic soundtrack really adds to the overall majestic splendor and pageantry of the flops. Enjoy.

Now, if the NBA would do something about traveling epidemic. That would be something. Although that ship has probably sailed far too long ago and there’s no turning back now.

[H/T Slate]