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Hanging out in the San Francisco Giants bullpen looks to be a real gas (GIFs)


During Wednesday night’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park, an incident occurred between relief pitchers Jose Mijares (right) and Jean Machi that seems to be something of a smelly situation.

Mijares appears to catch a whiff of some sinister stench, grimaces and proceeds to slide further down the bench, away from Machi.

Machi has the look of a individual who ripped one. Or, as a nod to the incident occurring in Wisconsin, which one cut the cheese.

Check out the GIFs below to see if you can determine which one of these ballplayers farted and which one was the victim.

For your examination:

It’s difficult to ascertain with any semblance of certainty which relief pitcher . There’s always the “Whoever smelled it dealt it” philosophy. However, on the other hand, there’s also the line, “Whoever denied it supplied it.” I guess it’s one, big stinky toss-up.

One thing we can be certain of, though, is that the line, “Whoever made the rhyme did the crime” is completely out of the question. I was nowhere near Miller Park on Wednesday night. Not saying I didn’t have gas, just saying I wasn’t responsible for this alleged gastric dispersion of noxious fumes.

[H/T Eye on Baseball, GIFs via @carmenkiew]