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Meet Web Gem Jimmy, Baseball Tonight’s nightmare fuel of a mascot (photo/video)


If there is one thing that is a near certainty in the world of mascots, it’s that if you slap some goofy, borderline psychotic eyes on an inanimate object to create a mascot, chances are said mascot will appear to be goofy as well as borderline psychotic.

Case in point: Web Gem Jimmy, the new, horrifying creation who will apparently serve as the mascot for one of the centerpiece features of ESPN’s long-running baseball highlight/analysis show, “Baseball Tonight,” the Web Gem. See? He has the same name as the feature!

Web Gem Jimmy originally was introduced in a commercial released a few weeks ago starring Karl Ravech, Curt Schilling, John Kruk and the rest of the “Baseball Tonight” gang. Oh, and of course, Web Gem Jimmy.

Scary stuff. Truly a freaky-deaky mascot if there ever was one. The cockeyed, depraved grin really raises the octane of this particular blend of nightmare fuel. Methinks Web Gem Jimmy possesses the ability to swallow up souls in that mitt of terror in the same way Web Gem highlights showcase major league baseball players swallowing up hard-hit baseballs in their gloves. Yikes.

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