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Unless an exception is made, Adam Scott won’t be on ‘The Bachelor’ (video)


Why won’t Adam Scott be on “The Bachelor,” you ask? Because he’s not an idiot? Yes, while that is true, it is even more likely for an entirely different reason: Because he said he has a girlfriend. In fact, Scott said he has had one for quite some time, effectively making him an unsuitable candidate for the ABC reality show, putting the kibosh on speculation he could be offered the “role” in light of the show’s reported interest in him, news of which began to surface on Tuesday.

Scott dropped the girlfriend bombshell on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday, as he discussed his monumental Masters win, among other topics.

Speaking with Charlie Rose and Gayle King on the morning program, Scott reluctantly discussed how he is something of a hit with the ladies, even more so now given his higher profile.

As transcribed by Business Insider:

KING: I was in the office the other day, there was a computer on and it had your picture, it just said Adam Scott’s Arms, there were like 5 or 6 women 20s and 30s gathered all around it saying, he’s great, he’s got great teeth, he’s got great hair, he’s the world’s most eligible bachelor. So when you hear that about yourself, what do you want women to know about you and your availability?    

SCOTT: That’s all quite embarrassing really, but no, I am not single at all. I’m very much in a relationship and very happy at the moment.    

KING: And what is her name?    

SCOTT: Marie.

Marie? Marie who? Marie Osmond? What’s Marie’s last name?

Some intrepid reporting indicates that Scott once mentioned a Marie in a 2007 interview with Golf Magazine. At that time, Scott sang the praises of his gal pal, Marie Kojzar, who he said was an interior designer. But since then, he has been linked romantically to tennis star Ana Ivanovic — no slouch in the looks department, by the way — in both 2010 and 2011. So one could reasonably assume that at some point, he got back together with his former flame, Marie, and did not have the dignity nor the respect to tell everyone about his personal life. The nerve of some people, right?

Or maybe he’s dating Marie Osmond. It’s possible.