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Rasheed Wallace retires, so let’s celebrate all that was ‘Sheed (video/GIFs)


After re-injuring his surgically repaired left foot earlier this week in a game against the Charlotte Bobcats in a comeback bid to play for the New York Knicks in the playoffs, Rasheed Wallace is retiring, presumably this time for good.

A statement released by Knicks head coach Mike Woodson announced the disappointing news (via the New York Daily News): “Rasheed has given this team everything he had. He is a winner, true professional and leader on and off the court. Due to his injury, he will not be available to play for us during the playoffs. We owe this season’s success to veterans like Rasheed.”

Wallace came out of a retirement that lasted two years in October after an apparent display of salesmanship by Woodson, but a stress fracture to his right foot in December derailed a continuation of the career of one of the most talented, enigmatic and volatile players to ever play the power forward position.

With that in mind, instead of being all bummed out about ‘Sheed’s departure from the game, instead, let us celebrate what made Wallace the unique and remarkable player that he was: a player fans either loved, hated or loved to hate (why never “hated to love?”).

Business Insider has compiled a video featuring Rasheed Wallace uttering his trademark phrase, “Ball don’t lie!”

Wallace would holler “Ball don’t lie!” whenever a free throw was missed after a questionable foul call, and the act truly encompassed everything that was simultaneously great and maddening about the amazing talent.

Deadspin is having readers upload their favorite respective GIFs that define Wallace as a player and as something of a square peg who could never quite fit into the round hole designate for him. Here is a sampling of some GIF goodness courtesy of tumblr and Deadspin:

Happy trails, Rasheed Wallace. You will be missed.