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Injured Rangers player on the ice told to ‘get up, baby’ by jeering Flyers fans (video)


New York Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto was struck in the face by a puck that deflected off his own stick late in the 3rd period in a game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday at the Wells Fargo Center.

As he received treatment on the ice for a cut on his face that left him bleeding, some Flyers fans in attendance could be heard jeering, the injured Del Zotto, chanting, “Get up, baby.”

As Eye on Hockey notes, the taunts of “Get up, baby” can be best heard at the 27-second, 30-second, and 34-second marks of the below video:

Not good. Obviously, the embarrassing display was only perpetrated by a select few in attendance at Wells Fargo Center and shouldn’t be treated as evidence that Flyers fans as a whole are a bunch of mouth-breathers who enjoy taunting injured players from opposing teams. This kind of behavior occurs often enough (Islanders fans cheered after Sidney Crosby was hurt during a game earlier this season, for example), sadly, but instead of casting a wide net and ripping an entire team’s fan base, perhaps it simply should be accepted that there are these kind of jerks in every arena in the NHL. Sad commentary, indeed.