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Auburn grad pays tribute to Toomer’s Corner with magnificent tattoo (photo)


On March 22, Harvey Updyke, Jr. — a degenerate and arguably disturbed Alabama Crimson Tide fan — was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to criminal damage for poisoning the legendary Toomer’s Oaks in 2010.

The trees, located on the Auburn University campus at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and College street, were part of a longstanding school tradition that included fans congregating at Toomer’s Corner and adorning the trees with rolls upon rolls of toilet paper to celebrate big victories by the school’s athletics teams.

Due to Updyke’s disgraceful act, the trees are scheduled to be cut down on April 23 after efforts to revive the trees over the years since the poisoning failed.

In light of the impending removal of Toomer’s Oaks, Giancarlo Guida, a graduate of the school and a member of the Auburn Tigers rugby team from 1998-2002, wanted to pay proper tribute to the beloved campus symbols and the site where the majestic oaks stood for so many years. And he did so by getting a massive tattoo of Toomer’s Corner inked into his back.

The incredible tattoo, in its complete form:


Awesome. The War Eagle Reader — which has many additional details regarding the meaning behind various aspects of the tattoo as well as photos of the tattoo in various stages of completion — reports that the tattoo took over 12 hours, performed in two six-hour sessions, and was done by Matt Strauser of Rubicon Tattoo in Atlanta.

The report quotes Guida as he explains why he chose to get the tattoo: “It’s the first thing I saw once I graduated, waddling out of the Coliseum,” he said. “It reminds me that I did it, I actually graduated from the university.”

But even more than that, the tattoo is a personal salvo directed at Updyke: “I thought that was a great way to capture the trees after that a**hole killed them.”

And how.

[H/T Throw the Flag Blog]