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SportsCenter spot with CC Sabathia lauds benefits of vertical pinstripes (video)


While it is nowhere on par with John Clayton’s phenomenal “This is SportsCenter” ad fromĀ  last September, ESPN’s latest entry into the always-amusing ads promoting its flagship show is nevertheless a delightful little commercial.

Starring New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, the commercial features the husky hurler — who once credited losing weight in the offseason to not eating Cap’n Crunch — extolling the slimming benefits of the Yankees uniform’s legendary pinstripes while having a conversation with Steve Levy.

Meanwhile, what happens when a person makes the mistake of wearing horizontal pinstripes is demonstrated by the slim Scott Van Pelt, who looks downright chunky in a new suit featuring that particular design flaw.

Via ESPN’s YouTube page:

It’s a funny commercial, I think, because CC Sabathia still routinely looks quite chubby despite the slimming qualities of Yankees pinstripes. Wait. Is that the point of the commercial? Or was it simply a reason to put Scott Van Pelt in a fat suit? Hard to say.