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Man finishes up preparation of his taxes while taking in Wizards-Nets game (pic)


As many of you already were well aware — and those who were not, I have some bad news for you — Monday was April 15, the day when the filing of one’s annual income tax statements were supposed to be mailed in to the IRS. Whether you were preparing your 1040 and all the associated schedules and whatnot on your own or if you entrusted a skilled tax preparer to work through them for a nominal fee, if you didn’t get those bad boys filed and postmarked or e-filed on Monday — absent a timely filed request for an extension — little good can come of missing that particular deadline.

As is often the case at this time of year, it is not at all uncommon for folks to be frantically putting the finishing touches on their taxes after procrastinating far too long. Some people, in fact, have become so adept at last-minute tax preparation that they possess the ability to multitask, even in the strangest of places.

Like the guy who was spotted working on his taxes while taking in a Brooklyn Nets-Washington Wizards game at Barclays Center on Monday night.

Via @IamTamica, by way of D.C. Sports Bog:


Seems like an awful waste of money to buy a ticket to an expensive NBA game and then spend the entire evening looking down at your laptop. But at the same time, I have seen groups of people attending a game together playing a game of Scrabble against each one another on their iPhones at sporting events before, so this shouldn’t come as surprise at all.

Maybe this guy is writing-off the ticket to the game as a deduction for tax preparation purposes. Although my guess is that could lead to an audit. But hey, I don’t even know what a write-off it, although I’m not the one doing the writing-off, so there you go.