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Dressed like a total golf dork, Shaquille O’Neal picks up Bubba Watson (photo)


While there is no confirmation exactly where this peculiar photo was snapped or why Bubba Watson and Shaquille O’Neal are hanging out together — both of them are oddballs, so “peas in a pod” and so on and so forth (although that would be one misshapen pea pod given the disparate size of the two athletes) — it nevertheless is an amusing photo that the NBA legend tweeted of himself picking up the 2012 Masters champ like a rag doll.

Via @SHAQ:


Question:  Did Bubba call Shaq a fat ass or something to provoke the big man to scoop up the 6’3″ pro golfer, much like Charles Barkley did during a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show? Or was it a case of some simple hijinks perpetrated by a couple of wild and crazy guys?

I just hope Bubba didn’t cry about it. As we have all learned, it doesn’t take much to get the waterworks flowing for Bubba.

How about this for a theory: Maybe Bubba turned Shaq down when he asked for a ride in Watson’s golf cart hovercraft. You never know.

All those questions aside, what gives with Shaq’s outfit? Those garish duds look like something a colorblind clown would wear golfing. Sheesh.