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Whoever had Tiger Woods with an F-bomb on the 11th hole wins the prize (video)


It didn’t take long for Tiger Woods to utter his first profanity during Masters coverage on Thursday. Big ups to The Big Lead for the get-go in getting this video uploaded to the interwebs.

On the 11th hole (White Dogwood) — the first hole of Tiger’s first round at Augusta National that has been broadcast — online or otherwise — saw an approach shot from Woods land on front side of the green.

Chuckling to himself, Tiger can be heard saying, “How the f*** did it do that?” in response to the ball drifting ever so slightly back down towards the front of the green instead of in the direction of the cup.

The F-bomb drops about :15 seconds into the video. I shouldn’t have to warn anybody — but I will — that the video does contain profanity. Duh.

Once again, via The Big Lead:

Fantastic. I’m sure people will overreact unnecessarily over the swearing slip-up, but it’s not like he screamed it. Instead, it was more uttered under his breath that it was anything else. And what person doesn’t swear ever during a round of golf? I’ve invented vile, vile phrases during my bad rounds. Which of course means every one of my rounds.

Oh, the prize? It’s called “Tiger Woods Clue.” Players weigh all the factors involved and whoever calls Tiger’s first cuss word during a tournament on the right hole wins. Wins what? I dunno. A cookie or something.