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Target Field in better shape for a huge snowball fight than a Twins game (photos)


As a lifelong resident of the great State of Minnesota, I have grown more than accustomed to its harsh winters and far-too-short summers (although autumn can be wonderful, but not all the time). But it has been an absolutely brutal experience the past few weeks: Far-below-average temperatures, snow, sleet and so on have made the transition from winter to spring up here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes a miserable ordeal. And by the looks of it, the move to outdoor baseball at Target Field in 2010 is not looking as pleasant for the Minnesota Twins in light of the dreadful weather.

Above is how Target Field is supposed to look, even in April, with lush, green grass, sunny skies and a packed house. But that’s not going to happen this weekend.

A storm has made its way through Minnesota and the Upper Midwest this week and it has deposited a fair amount of snow and as well as a nasty wintry mix of other kinds of precipitation. And with the Twinkies playing host to the New York Mets for a three-game set this weekend, the current condition of Target Field doesn’t cause one’s mind to turn to baseball in any way whatsoever.

As of Thursday afternoon, no plans reportedly have been put in place to cancel Friday’s game against the Mets, and no decision is expected to be made until game day. But from the looks of Target Field (below) at the moment, even though the field is equipped with underground heaters to help aid in the melting of snow, it doesn’t look good.

Via (by way of The Big Lead):


Egad. How things are shaping up at Target Field at the moment, via the Star Tribune:

“As always, we will make every effort to play the game as scheduled and we currently plan to play on Friday night,” said Chris Iles, a team spokesman. “Since this is the only visit by the Mets this year, it is important that we play the game if at all possible, especially considering that the weekend forecast is also questionable.”

Crews were shoveling snow in the stands Thursday to the stair aisles, where its being melted with hot water, Iles said.

If the snow becomes too heavy in the seating areas to melt, chutes will be used to dump the snow onto a warning track, he added. From there, it will be hauled out of the stadium.

The Twins are even uploading photos to the Internet to illustrate the snowy landscape that its sparkling baseball park has been turned into:

Not good. The photos more closely resemble Lambeau Field in December than a baseball stadium in mid-April. Jeez.

And speaking of the snowball fight mentioned above, the Mets are even getting in on the action of making light of the deplorable weather conditions currently afflicting the Twin Cities.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Rubin tweeted an image of Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen’s throwing schedule for his pitchers for the upcoming weekend (via The Other Paper):

Haha. Laugh it up. Try living here, for crying out loud.