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Metta World Peace tries to explain his ‘I’m too sexy for my cat’ line, fails

ron artest

Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace amused the masses on Tuesday night following his team’s game when he explained how he returned so quickly from knee surgery by riffing on the line, “I’m too sexy for my cat” in a strange post-game interview.

Of course, that line is a reference to Right Said Fred’s hit song, “I’m Too Sexy,” and it was assumed that Mr. Metta World Peace was well aware of the song and knew the ins and outs of the one-hit wonder tune to which he was referring.

It turns out that Metta was as confused as we all were about the peculiar reference and he took to Twitter to explain himself. Sadly for all of us, his explanations only left us much more confused.

Via @MettaWorldPeace:

Alrighty then, now I understand. Wait. What?

Technically, the song’s title is “I’m Too Sexy,” but references are made to both being too sexy for one’s shirt as well as being too sexy for one’s cat, so Metta didn’t really screw it up so much as he simply is confused about the title of the tune.

In a subsequent tweet, he attempted to explain himself further, but instead left us even more lost than we were to begin with:

Huh? What in the heck is a cat wig? Strange stuff, man. But really, what else should be expected from this guy?