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Jayson Werth is using ‘Game of Thrones’ theme as his walk-up music (video)


Wrap it up, kiddos, as there is no reason for any further submissions about which MLB player has the best walk-up music now that we have learned that Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth has been using the epic theme song of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” for his walk-up music.

Evidently, we can assume that Werth is staying caught up on Season 3 of arguably the best series on television and wanted to pay homage to easily the greatest theme music for a television show in recent memory.

For the second time in a few weeks, a professional athlete has been linked to “Game of Thrones,” the first coming when New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony appeared in a promo for Season 3 of the show.

Even better on the Werth walk-up music front, D.C. Sports Bog reports that the bearded National also has used the Warren Zevon classic,“Werewolves of London,” as well as the theme music from “The Walking Dead” along with the “Game of Thrones” theme to complete the trifecta of phenomenal at-bat tuneage.

The audio of Werth’s walk-up to the plate on Wednesday isn’t the greatest with all the background noise of fans, but if you listen carefully enough, you can hear the distinct, ominous music.

Awesome. And let’s be honest. With his slightly unkempt appearance and scraggly beard, Werth would fit right in as a character on “Thrones”:

Washington Nationals Photo Day

Yeah, he’d probably be a Wildling, a member of the Free Folk from beyond the Wall, if he were anything. Maybe a member of the hill tribes from the Vale. A member of the Stone Crows, perhaps.