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Eric Decker victimized by Peyton Manning’s practical joking ways (photo)


(image credit: The Denver Post)

That Peyton Manning. Despite the sour “Manningface” persona that rears it’s ugly, uh, face, during games throughout his career, off the field, the quarterback has developed quite the humorous persona, crafted in large part by his hilarious appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” not to mention his many amusing  commercials.

But little did we know up until recently that Peyton Manning was a skilled artisan of the practical joker guild. Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker learned that the hard way when Manning crafted a well-executed practical joke, using how the two, as well as two other Broncos wide receivers, Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas — not to mention several other NFL players — currently are holding workouts this week at Duke University.

Manning apparently sent Decker a fake invoice from “Duke Football,” charging him for miscellaneous services, including laundry service and on-field instruction from the Duke football coaching staff.

Decker, upon learning he’d been had by the wily Manning’s shenanigans, tweeted evidence of the invoice on Wednesday:

As you can see, shuttle service was billed at no charge, which is nice.

And a larger photo:


One problem with the fake invoice. If one looks closely, the sum of the fees charged to Decker has been incorrectly totaled. The invoice’s subtotal should be $3,100, not $3,000. Oh sure, Manning’s legendary study habits and game preparation are unparalleled and allow him the ability to read a defense practically in his sleep. And yet, apparently, his attention to detail in basic mathematics may require a bit of remedial work.