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Arianny Celeste answers questions ‘in the sexiest way imaginable!’ (video)


So, Arianny Celeste announced on her official website on Thursday the debut of her new feature in conjunction with Maxim. It is called “Ask Arianny.” In the announcement, she notes: “I answer all of your questions in the sexiest way imaginable!”

Doesn’t need much more setup that that, huh?

Video follows, if watching Arianny Celeste answer random inquires “in the sexiest way imaginable!” is something you’d be interested in watching.

Did I mention syrup makes an appearance? If you couldn’t figure that out via the screengrab: Why yes, yes it does.

Excellent. That’s as good as her “Strip Trivia” videos that were released over the past few months.

Miss Celeste also notes that this is only Episode 1, so expect additional episodes in the future. There’s certainly worse things on the horizon, that’s for sure.

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[Official Site of Arianny Celeste]