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Knicks coach Mike Woodson continues hot streak of hilarious shirts (photos)


The New York Knicks clinched its first Atlantic Division title since 1994 courtesy of a 120-99 win over the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night. The players were in unquestionably high spirits in light of their accomplishment, as was their coach, Mike Woodson.

Showcasing an ability to laugh at himself, Woodson hammed it up, mugging for the camera as J.R. Smith took photos of a shirt he opted to wear as Carmelo Anthony and Iman Shumpert pointed and laughed. And as you will see below, the shirt merited such mockery.

Tweeting,”#LMFAO What is going on? So we win the division an Woody thinks he can wear anything he want!”, Smith linked to the following collage of photos on Instagram that highlight the many things bizarre about Woodson’s shirt:


Goodness gracious. There’s a whole lot of wrong going on there. The stylish detail of the shirt that is perhaps the most curious is how the shirt has been tailored in a manner that allows for a watch to be worn inside the sleeve/cuff:



As far as weird shirts are concerned, Woodson has been on a remarkable hot streak. First it was the self-portrait shirt. Next came this wacky polka-dot-speckled nightmare. And now this crazy getup, so it appears Coach Woodson has no plans of stopping this absolute hot streak of oddness. Nor should he.

(images via teamswish/Instagram)