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FIU unveils funky new basketball court and it is real and it is spectacular (photo)


In March, Florida International University confirmed that it was going ahead with a plan to completely funkify the court for the Golden Panthers basketball team. On Tuesday, that dream was fully realized as photos emerged online of the finished product.

Fulfilling the school’s promise that the court would feature a beach-themed mosaic, the hardwood is resplendent with the imagery of a sand-and-surf scene featuring palm trees, waves and beach. A golden panther at center court completes the new surface, although I never thought of a panther, a golden one or otherwise, as a beach-combing feline. Not much they could have done with the team’s mascot, I suppose, except maybe change the school’s team name to the Margaritas or something.

Well, the transformation is now complete and either fortunately or unfortunately depending on one’s point of view, the court looks exactly like the design plan.

The new basketball court, in all its glory (via SB Nation):


Well, they worked their plan, that’s for sure. But what is there to say about how they planned their work? Beauty is in the eye of beholder, I guess.

The official site of the FIU Golden Panthers has been chronicling the changeover and it is interesting how such a profound transformation occurs.

All I know is if FIU announcers don’t go with “From the Fronds!” whenever a Tigers player takes a three-pointer, I’ll be sorely disappointed.