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Young Sharks fan pretty upset team traded Ryane Clowe to the Rangers (video)


These videos are pretty much a dime a dozen: Young child is upset about some disappointing outcome related to their favorite sports team, parent sticks camera in the distraught child’s face to capture their agony and then uploads said video to YouTube for the world to see.

Not much new ground is covered in the “Exploiting a Child’s Sports-Related Misery” department with this latest installment, but since it’s been awhile since we’ve helped exploit a child’s tears by documenting one of these, I figured why the heck not.

So, here is a young San Jose Sharks fan devastated by the fact his favorite team traded away Ryane Clowe to the New York Rangers.

Via Puck Daddy:

Poor little guy. I love how the kid puts it all in perspective by talking about how Ryane Clowe being on the Rangers is going to ruin his experiences of playing “NHL 14” on Xbox. Kids these days with all their video game playing and highfalutin Xboxes and whatnot.

But the money quote from his despondent display of disappointment: “I’m sad about everything the Sharks have done. I’m so mad at them.” Get used to it, kid. Sports teams are more often than not a source of heartache, not of joy. It goes with the territory and as the years progress, his heart will become calloused, numbing it from the profound sense of loss he felt due to the Ryane Clowe trade. Take it from me, kid. I haven’t cried over huge loss or trade in months now.