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Packers coach Mike McCarthy helps out with fan’s marriage proposal (video)


During games, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy generally appears to have a bit of a gruff exterior, a no-nonsense kind of guy who rarely allows a softer side to show through, if one even exits in this football-first sideline general.

But get him on a sun-splashed beach in Florida and McCarthy’s icy demeanor melts a bit, especially when a couple of Packers fans in love ask him to snap a photo of the two.

But not only was this just some random photo of a couple enjoying a vacation. Instead, the man, Tim Schlosser of Milwaukee, Wisc., seized the moment and as McCarthy was snapping a photo of the lovebirds, got down on bended knee to propose to his girlfriend, Abigail Kobriger.

But did she say “yes”?


Schlosser immediately recognized a guy on the beach as none other than McCarthy. That’s when a plan he had already had in place became that much more memorable. Via a WTMJ report, by way of Shutdown Corner:

“I know that guy!” he remembers thinking. “I could just tell from the build, from about a 100 yards away and it’s Mike McCarthy.”

Stunned and star struck, they asked McCarthy for his photo. Then Schlosser asked if the coach could take a picture of the couple.

“I asked him, ‘Can you take a picture of us?’” he remembers. “And she’s like ‘What?’”

As the Packers coach was about to take the picture, Schlosser made his move.

“Coach hang on, I’ve got one thing to do,” he said. “I pull out the ring and get down on one knee.”

And of course, the young woman accepted her boyfriend’s proposal. What was she going to do? Humiliate the poor guy in front of Mike McCarthy?

Schlosser recalls how McCarthy reacted to being unwittingly included in a marriage proposal: “In his unique voice, he said ‘This is cool, this is really cool.'” In fact, so impressed was McCarthy that he hung around and snapped over 30 photos of the newly betrothed couple.

Next up for McCarthy: Getting Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers on a Florida beach and see what happens. That estranged couple is already halfway to a reconciliation but maybe some sun, sand and McCarthy’s presence will help seal that particular deal.