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Miami Marlins vanity plate features a pretty crappy message (photo)


Those of you out there who know a little Spanish — or at least some of the curse words — will have to agree that the word featured on this vanity plate probably more than sufficiently summarizes the feelings a lot of Miami Marlins fans have about their Major League Baseball franchise.

It’s funny, you see, because “Mierda” is the Spanish word for “s**t” and maybe this Florida resident decided to get this vanity plate as a way to articulate his unhappiness with the team. Get it? It’s a heavily layered jab, so don’t worry if you’re not quite up to speed on this from the onset.

Take that, Jeffery Loria. Or maybe the message is in reference to that garish home run sculpture monstrosity in Marlins Park. Either way. I only wonder how in the heck this got past the dedicated employees of the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

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