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Masterful: Augusta National’s fairways are so green they appear artificial (photo)


One of the many reasons the Masters is arguably the most enjoyable golf major to watch is for folks in northern climes is the fact that it occurs so early in the spring. While we look out our windows only to see brown, mushy grass downtrodden and lifeless from a winter buried by snow, the gorgeousness of Augusta National’s grounds, with its lush, green landscape juxtaposed with the azaleas in full bloom, provides for a captivating scene, causing the kind of spring fever only a golfer can appreciate.

And it’s not just how green and beautiful Augusta National looks on television when compared to our immediate environment, it’s just how astoundingly impeccable everything is on the course. From the majestic fairways, every meticulously mowed green, every perfectly raked bunker, the condition of the course is nearly unbelievable, like it’s the creation of some CGI wizard as opposed to the work of the club’s groundskeepers, whose skill is virtually unparalleled.

A photo tweeted by Sky Sports’ Dave Tindall provides up-close and convincing evidence the impeccable shape Augusta’s famed fairways currently are in as the world awaits for Thursday’s opening round.

A snapshot of the fairway of Tea Olive, Hole No. 1 at Augusta via @DaveTindallgolf (by way of Business Insider):

Holy moly. One can scarcely believe that is real, live grass. It doesn’t even look real. It’s too green, too ideal. It’s almost like it is some kind of super-green, super-synthetic, super-carpet or something. Speaking of Masters, the genius behind the ability to make grass look that beautiful merits the awarding of its own green jacket.