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Zach Redmond back skating, image tweeted of his ghastly leg scar (photo)


Cited by doctors as a “miracle” recovery, Winnipeg Jets forward Zach Redmond was back on the ice skating on Friday morning, only a little more than a month after suffering a lacerated femoral artery after a teammate’s skate gashed his upper leg.

Jets team doctor Peter MacDonald was quoted in the Winnipeg Press as stating that the team expects Redmond back in training camp next fall, referring to that timetable as “nothing short of a miracle.”

A photo revealing the ghastly scar on Redmond’s upper right leg provided sufficient and disturbing evidence of just how much damage was done when a teammate stepped on the back of his leg with his skate during a morning skate in late February.

Via a tweet from the CBC’s Mitch Peacock:


Yikes. And while the scar is a grim reminder of just how severe the injury was and how much worse it could have been for Redmond, what’s far more important is how Redmond has astounding doctors by making a remarkable, unexpected and unbelievable comeback so soon.

Best of luck to Zach Redmond as he continues his recovery.

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