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On Conan, Barkley calls Shaq a fat-ass, discusses length of his manhood (video)


With Conan O’Brien taking his late-night talk show on the road to Atlanta for the Final Four this week, a bevy of basketball-related luminaries have graced his show. And of course, Charles Barkley proved to be the best and the brightest of them all during his uproarious appearance during Thursday night’s show.

As expected, Sir Charles did not disappoint. During a discussion of his role as Weight Watchers spokesperson, in particular the time he got all gussied up in a dress for an ad, Barkley brags that at least the ad used his real body, unlike his TNT “Inside the NBA” colleague, Shaquille O’Neal.

Barkley asks Conan if he’s seen Shaq’s lotion commercials, and then claims that’s not O’Neal’s body in it. When Conan asks how Charles knows it’s not Shaq’s body, he replies, “Because I see his fat-ass body.” Chuck claims Shaq uses a stunt double and that there is no way he could cram his body into that small car in that one commercial, an accusation I wholeheartedly support. Fantastic.

The conversation then turns into more awkward territory. Conan asks Barkley about his online claim about the relationship between a man’s weight loss and the increase in the size of his manhood. Uh-oh.

Conan says Barkley claimed that for every 35 pounds a man loses, he gains an inch in penis length. Saying, “Anything you put online is true,” (indeed), Barkley goes on to brag, not about how much weight he has lost, but how many inches he has gained. Hoo boy. I’ll let you do the simple math regarding how much weight Barkley has lost for that gain to jibe with his original assertion.

That Charles Barkley: he loves talking about, um, that kind of stuff. Barkley should really have his own talk show. At least we know it couldn’t be any worse than “The Magic Hour.” Sheesh.

Barkley also got the opportunity to work with legendary announcer Dick Vitale. Sort of.


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