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Kevin Ware does Top 10 list on Letterman and it was no Stupid Human Trick (video)


Continuing to be the face and most compelling story of the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware hit the big time on Thursday night by delivering the Top 10 list on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Displaying a wonderful sense of humor about the entire traumatic incident that left the young man writhing on the floor in agony after breaking his leg during Louisville’s game against Duke in the Midwest Region final last Sunday, Ware’s theme for the bit was “Top Ten Things Going Through Kevin Ware’s Mind at this Moment.” And it was a real hoot.

Letterman conducted a brief interview with Ware prior to the reading of the Top 10 list (included in the video below), but here is said list in its entirety (via the New York Daily News):

10. “What was that loud cracking sound?”

9. “I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise”

8. “Hey look — my tibia!”

7. “OUCH”

6. “Did it go in?”

5. “Oh, boy . . . hospital food!”

4. “Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in”

3. “They fired Leno?”

2. “Heat, then ice or ice, then heat?”

1. “At least my bracket’s not busted.”

Hilarious. To be able to make fun of himself despite what he has suffered through over the past week reveals remarkable character in the young man. Ware began the week in a hospital bed holding the Midwest Region championship trophy, made numerous appearances on national television, inspired his teammates and presumably was the source of some nice profits for Adidas. A helluva week, indeed.