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Javelin-throwing goddess Leryn Franco’s Facebook page is a treasure trove (42 pics)


Long before Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke shimmied her way into our hearts and minds with her sexy pre-race dance routine, there was Leryn Franco, the absolutely stunning javelin-throwing goddess from Paraguay. An Athena armed with a javelin instead of a spear, if you will.

In fact, her reign as the exotic female athlete that rules the interwebs dates all the way back to 2009, eons in Internet years.

It should come as no surprise then that Leryn Franco is still very much alive, very much still competing in javelin competition, remains successful in the modeling racket and obviously, remains incredibly gorgeous. And apparently, to her credit, she is well-aware of that fact.

Thanks to The Big Lead taking a look at her Facebook page — and for that, we thank them — we again have been reminded what a captivating beauty the 31-year-old Franco continues to be.

And even better? She evidently enjoys uploading photos of herself to her Facebook page. There’s photos of Leryn Franco throwing a javelin, photos of Leryn Franco working out, photos of Leryn Franco strutting her stuff on the catwalk, photos of Leryn Franco hanging out, photos of Leryn Franco being Leryn Franco. In fact, if there were photos of Leryn Franco doing laundry or brushing her teeth they would probably be worthy of perusal, because every single one of the photos on her Facebook page proves beyond a doubt that the gallery contained therein is a veritable treasure trove.

Judge for yourself. Click on the images to enlarge if you like.

[images via Facebook]