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D-Backs announcers obsess over kid who kinda looks like Justin Bieber (video)


During a recent broadcast of an Arizona Diamondbacks-St. Louis Cardinals game, the announcing crew for the D-Backs spent several minutes of air time obsessing over a young man seated behind the Cardinals dugout who kinda looks like Justin Bieber but not really.

Referring to the supposed Justin Bieber doppelganger as “Biebs” and his younger companion as “Lil’ Biebs,” the two go on and on about the kid,¬†complimenting him on his “outstanding hair product,” monitoring his movements as he switches seats after discussing his ticket with an usher and how the young Bieber dropped his “‘Za” during the seating transition. It’s really something to watch, in a weird, awkward kind of way.

Here’s video of the announcers breaking down what’s going down with “Biebs” and “Lil’ Biebs” during the Diamondbacks game:

It’s funny how at the end, after all the “Biebs this” and “Biebs that” discussion, one of the guys says, “I think he might look more like a young Vanilla Ice.” Touch√©, my good man.

But if you ask me, I’d argue that “Biebs” looks less like Justin Bieber and a lot more like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:


Totally, man. Is it possible that this kid is another spawn of Tommy Terrific? Does Tom Brady have more bastards running around than Robert Baratheon? I doubt it. He’s a bit too old. But you never know…

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