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Bryce Harper’s brother has a handlebar mustache, and it is magnificent (photo)


Above is a photo of Bryce Harper’s family: dad Ron, mom Sherri, sister Brittany and big brother Bryan). This nice photo was taken in 2009 in Las Vegas. Since then, both brothers have moved on to playing baseball in the Washington Nationals organization: the 20-year-old Bryce as a young phenom with the big league ball club (who has started off this young season in superstar fashion) and 23-year-old Bryan with Washington’s Single-A affiliate, the Hagerstown Suns. It is worth noting that Bryan had a tangential hand in the evolution of brother Bryce’s now-famous retort, “That’s a clown question, bro.”

As the Harper boys have grown up, another evolution of sorts has been occurring on Bryan’s face just above his lip, in the way of an absolutely majestic handlebar mustache. It has to be seen and marveled at in order for it to be truly appreciated.

Image via Hagerstown Suns, by way of Big League Stew:


Incredible. That soup-strainer is all kinds of awesome.

MASN’s Byron Kerr spoke with Bryan recently, and here’s what Bryce’s big brother had to say about his magnificent homage to Rollie Fingers: “People tell me I have to keep it until something goes awry, like a losing streak or something like that. It will probably be here the whole year,” Bryan Harper said. “I have been compared to the 1920s barehanded knuckle boxer.”

Indeed. Craig Manuel, a teammate of Bryan’s on the Suns, recently tweeted a photo of the elder Harper brother striking the bare-knuckled boxer pose:

And even Bryce Harper got in on the action, paying proper tribute to his mustachioed brother back in February:

Younger Bryce may be having the far better baseball career at the moment, but he as miles to go before he is even in the same ballpark as it relates to mustache brilliance.

[Harper family photo via Robert Beck/SI]