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Alexander Ovechkin rocked an incredible American flag-themed outfit as a boy (pics)


Even when Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin was a wee lad in Moscow, his dreams of achieving great success on the international stage playing hockey caused his gaze to turn away from Mother Russia and instead directed his eyes far, far from the Motherland and instead towards the sparkling shores of the United States of America.

At least one can reasonably assume that as a distinct possibility, given a photo Ovechkin uploaded to the interwebs via his Twitter account on Thursday, not to mention some fantastic pics of a young Ovi from the same day tracked down by the site Alex Ovetjkin.

The retweet from Ovechkin that started it all, posing with what he tweets is his first team:

And thanks to Alex Ovetjkin

(by way of Mr. Irrelevant), here’s that photo enlarged so we can take in Ovi’s amazing outfit in all its U.S. flag-waving glory:


And another photo, presumably from the very same day of Ovechkin posing with one of his comrades, er, pals:


Utterly fantastic. Something tells me that when Ovechkin saw Rocky IV, he was Team Italian Stallion and not Team Drago.

But seriously, get a look at that getup, man. He looks like the Statue of Liberty’s pimp (h/t Family Guy) if he were a pubescent CIA double agent masquerading as a hockey-playing Russian prodigy. No, I don’t think that scenario is a stretch by any means. What are you talking about, you Commie?